The Power of Simplicity


God is simple. All else is complex, because you don’t find true happiness separate and far from God. In order to live your bliss, you had better practice simplicity, instead of complexity. Your bliss is your purpose or mission, given to you by God to fulfill on Earth. If you simply trust, God will show you the way when you least expect it. God’s answers are simple but profoundly true.

Paul was glad because Romans were “wise” and “simple.” By reading Romans, Chapter 16, you find Romans followed the divine wisdom of God. There are other versions of this letter translating “simple” as “innocent.”

As Jesus said, only childlike people will enter into the Kingdom of God. To be like a child, you have to be innocent and trusting.

Start Out

To start, you need to take one step. Your little intention to start already has all the energy necessary to make the first step. And this first action, simple as it seems, is powerful. It unleashes your inner energy, attracting higher wisdom.

Your simple want triggers the signal to unchain the ever-present liveliness of the Universe. Your simple action creates space for a universal partnership.

The more little steps you take, the more power is given back to you. It is so, because you are in harmony and synchronicity with the Universe.

Here’s a little hint: The more willing you are, the faster and greater will be the reaction of the universal forces. The simplicity of each step when you don’t give up is all-encompassing.


A baby is a beautiful example of how simplicity works.

A toddler observes adults going everywhere and he or she tries to walk, only to sit down again. He or she then gets up, falls down again, gets up and falls down, and finally a joyful smile announces a feat accomplished. The toddler goes on, staggering but trustful.

Equally, a simple person takes any task in life with confidence and perseverance. Their innocence reflects their childish courage.

A simple person doesn’t react with anger or complaint. Their natural, serene character is always in charge. This innocence is positive energy, the best tool of a super achiever.

In the interview for the book Conversations with Millionaires, Jim Rohn explained it to Mike Litman as follows:

“The benefits are so incredible by taking a look at a few simple disciplines. You don’t have to revolutionize all at once.

Just start.

But, the first apple you eat, if it’s a plan for better health, I’m telling you, by the end of that first day your self-esteem starts to grow. Say to yourself, ‘I promise myself I’ll never be the same again.’

It doesn’t take a revolution. You don’t have to do spectacularly dramatic things for self-esteem to start going off the scale. Just make a commitment to any easy discipline. Then another one and another one.

It doesn’t take but just a collection of those new easy disciplines to start giving you the idea that you’re going to change every part of your life: financial, spiritual, social.

A year from now, you’ll be almost unrecognizable. All of that can change. It doesn’t change overnight. But it does change with a change in thought and philosophy.

Pick up a new discipline and start it immediately. Talking about the Universe rewards action; we talked about the concept of doing it personally.

We can both concur on this; amazing things happen. Those little baby steps create momentum. They create energy, force, and they create something that I want to steer back to.”